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How to Take Care of the Natural Full Lace Wigs?

How to Take Care of the Natural Full Lace Wigs?


With the expansion of society, people pay additional attention to the image of the individual, and they all expect to make an elegant and beautiful image and gain more attention and love from others. This needs everybody to take the time and take care of their look. It’s essential to have a range of aspects, hair care is vital.

Several gorgeous ladies will pick several natural human hair wigs at home, whether they’re long hair fluttering over other styles, they’ll select many models for matching styling and clothing anytime, anyplace.

Though lace front wigs and virgin wigs are more famous at present because the price is reasonable, there’re more who prefer full lace natural wigs, because full lace wigs are comfortable and natural to wear. Since natural full wigs are of high value, we need to take fine care of them to keep a longer lifespan.

Is it true that you just take care of the wig? If the full lace wig is not rightly taken care of, it’ll no only irritate this head when worn, but the bogus visual sense is really bad. We are going to teach you some tips and tricks to take care of the natural full lace wigs, let your wig always bright and look new.

Full lace wig cleaning

Human hair wig and natural hair wig should be a similar treatment that’s to accept cleaning, When cleaning, do not like a wash, but almost same like washing your hair, the but the movement is soft and gentle. Soak it with warm water and softly rub it. You do not need to clean your wig very often and let it dry naturally. Also, ensure that human hair is always clean to avoid damaging the hair, scalp, and full lace wig.


After cleaning, please do not brush it with a normal plastic comb, and purchase a comb that specializes in human hair wigs for combing. If you do not have that sort of a comb, you can use your fingers to comb, so that wig is forever static.

Using conditioner

Conditioner is also required for wigs, but the amount is reduced. When applying it, the frequency of the conditioner should also be decreased. Melt it in the water and soak your full lace wig for few minutes. Then take it out and dry it naturally. Every once in a while, you can pick to bring it into pro cleaner so that your hair will refresh!

The number of shampooing

The virgin wig will not itself produce oil, only a few of the dust will appear when wearing it, so the wig shouldn’t be cleaned frequently, normally 1 in the month to clean it. Another one is based on the time you wear it. If your private label wigs are taken some times a month, you can clean it once each 2 months.

Full lace wig position

When you back home and take off your wig and do not want to continue wearing it, now take it down, do not fold, do not throw it side by side, but comb it along with the wig’s natural hair, after this put it on some suitable place. One the wig, the full lace wig will not be as dusty and rough as the next time you wear it.

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