Virgin hair was one of the best hairs in the original or braided hair. Mainly because this kind of hair is taken from the hair of young women, it has a long natural growth time. During the growth process, it has not undergone any physical or chemical treatments such as hot dyeing, bleaching and oiling to change the natural characteristics of the hair. Virgin hair It is more natural and lifelike, and there is no visual difference with its own hair color. Virgin hair is not virgin hair. The reason why it is called virgin hair refers to its precious degree, so it is called virgin hair.

Virgin hair is taken from the hair of young girls in southern regions such as Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, and Sichuan. The natural environment in these areas is suitable for hair growth. The air is humid and the temperature is suitable. The hair is smoother, moisturized, fuller and brighter, and the girls’ cells are full of vitality. Hair generally does not fall out, all without short broken hair, and these hairs must have not been dyed or permed during the growth process to change the natural structure of the hair. After the virgin hair is made into a wig, it will be bleached and dyed. More pure, gorgeous, and even processed into pure white without any flaws. After bleaching, the hair is still soft, not dry and not tricky. And the beginning and the tip of the hair are not upside down, and they will never get knotted. Even after use, the price of recycling is very high.

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