The biggest advantage of Remifa is that it preserves the cuticle on the hair. That is to say, the keratin of the hair root is on one end, and the hair tip is on the other end. Putting the cuticles on one end not only conforms to the law of hair growth, but also helps prevent hair from knotting. In non-remy hair, knotting is a common phenomenon. The suppleness of Remifa is an important reason for its popularity and high price.

Most of Remy's hair is received from India. The best India is "Temple Hair". Indian women reduced their hair as the best gift to the Buddha. These hairs were purchased by hair extension manufacturers and used for hair extensions. Indian hair is thicker than standard European hair and thinner than rough Chinese hair, making it the best material for hair extensions.

Remifa is produced in Brazil, Europe, China and Russia. However, wig suppliers can easily lie about their origin. Hair can be dyed to pretend to be another type of hair extension, or be coated with silicon to hide damage. The suspected Remi hair is naturally cheaper than the real Remi hair, and it will feel rough when your fingers pass through the hair.

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