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Remy and Virgin hair Bundles - What Do They Mean in Human Hair Extensions

Remy and Virgin hair Bundles - What Do They Mean in Human Hair Extensions


Remy means hair extension where all cuticles are intact and not at all stripped. In another way, every cuticle faces a similar direction – every tip on 1 side and all the roots facing the opposite section. When the extensions are proceeding like that, they’re most natural in looking, and importantly, they’re soft, shiny, and very silky to touch.

In addition, aligning the extension in a natural way prevents tangling and reduces shedding makes it last a long time. That’s why this type is the preferred option for – Clip-ONS, Wigs, or other pieces that superstars, celebrities, and queens wear. This is the most demanded of all wholesale human hair extensions and also the most luxurious.

What are Virgin Hair Bundles?

Virgin means hair that’s so pure that from the birth of the donor to the factory where it proceeds, no chemicals, perms, curling irons have touched it. That means that donor has never in their life been to a parlor to get their hair colored or curled. Furthermore, when the extensions go to the factory, no chemicals are utilized in any method to process them. In this way, you can see that several hair extensions from most European states will not qualify as Virgin.

Why Remy Hair is so special?

When you consider how intense and meticulous the procedure involved in keeping every cuticle intact from top to bottom, you also see why Remy hair has the most natural look. Furthermore, this hair precedes guarantees that the hair shiny, soft, silky, tangled free, and with small shedding throughout the life of hair.

Therefore, Remy human hair is considered the best grade of natural hair extension. Since it has the most natural appearance of all, it’s the choice of hairpieces, hair extensions, Clip-ONS for famous personalities for years. They come in natural color, the length can go from 8 to 42”. They come in natural texture wavy and curly.

It’s smooth and lustrous and feels pretty silky when touched. It can be curled, colored, styled, and washed in any way you’d your natural hair. It’s this elegant of all human hair extensions and understandably the most luxurious one.

Remy Hair Types

Remy hair comes in wigs, Clip-ONS, and bulk. They also come in single and double drawn. With single, all cuticles are intact, but all the hair is not of a similar length. On the other side, double-drawn is hair that much time has been taken to ensure that all the hair of a similar length. Double drawn Remy Hair is the most costly hair extension because of the time it takes to get entire lengths of hair to be similar.

Why purchase Remy hair?

After careful consideration of what Remy and Virgin are, you’ll agree that 100 percent Virgin Remy Hair Extension is the finest in the world. The hair is soft, silky, tangle-free, shiny, no matting with minimal shedding, simple the top-notch. If you’re looking for a human hair extension with the most natural feel, Virgin Remy is the overwhelming choice.

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