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Q: Shedding issue.

Q: Shedding issue.


A: Shedding is really a headache. Please don’t worry if it only drops one or two single hairs each time because all the hair shed a little bit from time to time. If it sheds too much, we may exchange it for you free of charge.

We never stop improving our technology to make the knots and wefts as strong as possible, and we have not received such complaints for a long time. Most customers are very happy with our shedding control.

Here is some advice of how to prevent shedding. Firstly, we don’t recommend you use chemicals to process the hair if you are not professional. Chemicals may damage the hair and make the hair very easy to break. Secondly, the wig should be taken care carefully and correctly everyday. For example, it makes better if you comb it from

bottom to top timely. When a small tangling happens, please keep patient and comb slowly to get rid of the tangling.

When washing the hair, please don’t put it into the water for a long time.

Also it is very important that please don’t wear or comb the hair when wet. We use very healthy and environmental glue to seal the knots and wefts. The glue function becomes a bit weak when wet, so please don’t comb the hair until it is dry completely.

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