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Q: Hardness an softness issue for texture product.

Q: Hardness an softness issue for texture product.


A: For the curly and wave hair, we usually put some hair spray on it to make the curls tidy. Sometimes the hair may become a bit hard due to that. Some customers like it because it can keep the curls tidy and beautiful, but some customers just like very soft hair. All hair spray can be removed after one washing anyway. So please just don't worry about it.

Hair with silicone

It depends on the requests of our customers. We recommend you to use some silicone oil because it may help a lot to keep the hair soft and flow. Our factory takes an advanced technology to add silicone. Simple to say, we try to open the hair cuticles first, and after put silicone in, the cuticles close again. That way the silicone stay inside of the hair and cannot be washed off, and therefore keep the hair not dry even after many washes.

Some people think silicone may do harm to skin and hair, but I don’t think it can hurt since it is not your own hair and especially if the silicone oil stays inside of the hair.

After washing natural color hair has faded

We didn't dye the natural color hair, and you may dye the hair yourself to test. However, water may become a bit yellow or black after hair washing. The water color change is due to shampoo, and hair conditioner we use, and it will look much better after several washes. It has nothing to do with the hair quality. Please don’t worry.

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