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Q: About hair products price?

Q: About hair products price?


Q: There are so many different quality grades from 5A to 12A...and there are also so many different prices from high to very low to confuse you. All the following factors may lead to big price differences.

Firstly, different raw hair material may make big differences on prices. It may be floor hair if the price is very low. You know floor hair cannot last a long time and is easier to tangle.

Secondly, some suppliers may mix synthetic hair or animal hair into real human hair to cut down the cost.

Thirdly, hair ratio is a very important factor. The more short hair you use, the lower the price is.

Fourthly, some unhonest factories may add some special chemicals to increase the weight, and the hair weighs much lighter after washing.

I know the competition is very fierce now and all the sellers are under pressure, but I don’t  recommend we cut down the prices by sacrificing the quality because you may sell a good quality hair at a good price, but you cannot sell a bad quality hair at any price.

As an honest and reliable manufacturer, we keep our profit very low in order to make our products competitive. We never cheat because we cherish the relationship between us.

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