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Maintenance Guide - How To Make Virgin Remy Hair Last Long

Maintenance Guide - How To Make Virgin Remy Hair Last Long


You made the correct decision in buying your virgin Remy hair, and now it is applied; you’ve your stylist feeling and looking gorgeous… 2 days later your hair is not looking so charming! Here’re some vital tips for your virgin Remy hair maintenance to make your human hair extensions last:

Virgin Remy hair is a kind of human hair products, it’s not dyed, and it can hold its way and take color simply with proper process. It is best not to expect any weave hair extension to be as correct as your natural hair which can grow new strands and consume nutrition from the head. Weave extensions need high maintenance! More importantly, any sort of damage to it is irreversible, the only outcome is a tangling matting dustbin so please protect your investment and follow the tips very carefully.


There’re left-over hairs on the weft that’ll fall when cleaned the first time and combed. It’s not real shedding. The hair extension is sealed before shipment, but sometimes the sealer might not be efficient and you can seal it once again if you find it sheds. It’d be done before wearing.


You’ve to co-wash it after getting it. Use a leave-in conditioner gently on the hair to keep it moisturized. The co-washing process will boost the moisture in the hair and keep it shiny and healthy. It re-defines the wave or curls pattern also keeps that elegant clean and healthy appearance. The good thing about co-washing is that it’s fast and easy.


Always utilize a wide tooth comb, forever comb hair from the bottom to top, small portions at a time. For the right curl, detangle it while moisturize with conditioner and shampoo, do not comb or brush it after it’s dry otherwise it’ll cause tangling and matting and the hair will get truly big.

Limit heat

Heat is your extension's worst enemy. The more you wear it, the shrink the lifetime of your hair. Curly and wavy hair can be restyled or straightened. Straight hair can also be curled, but do so on your own. Using consciously that’ll damage the hair. Buy the hair pattern you wish, we do not have advice changing from the actual pattern often.

Daily care

Always keep your hair clean. Be certain to moisturize hair regularly. Please condition and wash it 1 or 2 times a week. Apply a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner daily for wavy or curly hair. For straight apply light just when needed.

A very important note: Curly hair forever needs more attention than straight or wavy hair. Please remember when picking your hair.

We hope you’re excited about your new virgin Remy hair extensions. Please follow these hair care maintenance tips to assist maintain the longevity of your wholesale human hair extensions. With these helpful tips, you can make your Virgin Remy hair for a long time; it is all depend on your style. While full sew-in can last up to 6 months.

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