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How to Buy Human Hair Extensions Online – Four Must-Read Tips!

How to Buy Human Hair Extensions Online – Four Must-Read Tips!


There are so many options when deciding what human hair extension to purchase; deciding on the best for can be overwhelming. To keep things easy and to help you make the right choice, consider

Color choice

There’s something worse than ordering extensions and getting a color you were not expecting. To ensure the seller can provide you with a color chart to assist you to make the best choice. But keep in mind that it’s nearly impossible to copy the actual colors on a PC screen. So what looks good on it might not be great when you receive it. Therefore, try to organize a sample of hair from the seller so that you can ensure the color is what you expect. If you cannot find the right color you need, remember that you can always dye extensions if they’re 100 percent virgin hair extensions.

Hair Quality

This is such a vital consideration when buying natural hair extensions. Hair quality can vary remarkably, with the best lasting for years and the poor one lasting just a few days. First, make sure you’re purchasing a virgin Remy hair extension. This has been arranged so that every cuticle is facing a similar direction. By using this, the hair is a lot less likely to tangle than non-Remy.

If money is not an issue, then hook to buy virgin hair which has not been treated with any chemicals. This can last long and easy to manage and looks amazing. For many, the virgin price is very high and not actually worth it considering most of us like to change our style and look each month. For that do not buy virgin hair extensions, ensure you pick Remy hair.


What are you getting wholesale hair extensions for and what sort of style does not lead?  If you need extensions for a wedding, school formal, or have a night out planned, then clip-in extensions might be the ideal choice for you. These can be wear in few minutes and tend to be cheaper than adding permanent. Also if you lead a busy lifestyle and often partake in activities such as swimming, it might be great to close clip-on extensions so they can be removed and would not be damaged.


You’ll often hear a hair-dresser say you will need 2 hundred extensions for your type. Though, you have to keep in mind that extensions come with multiple weights. The common weights are 0.5 to 1.0-gram strands. So if you get advice regarding how many you need, ensure you find out what weight extension they’re referring to. For instance, if you’ve short or thick hair, you will need more extensions than a lady with long and fine hair. if you can send a photo of you to the site, you’re looking to buy extensions from. They’d be able to provide better advice on how many hair extensions are required.

With the large range of products out there, it is vital to research what you are purchasing before you make that purchase. Several sellers do not offer a refund if the product has been opened. This is for health reasons so ensure you pick wisely.

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