A complete lace wig is a wig designed to cover the entire head and imitate natural hair growth. The hair is looped into a flesh-colored lace material, which when glued around the head, will form a natural-looking hairline and hair division. Lace wigs were once mainly used in film and theater productions, but recently they have attracted consumers' interest. Many wig masters are selling customized full lace wigs. Wigs can use different types of lace, hair and hairstyles.

Wigs are especially beneficial for people with severe hair loss. Thin base materials can mix and disappear into the skin. In order to obtain the best blendability, the wig can be made of Swiss lace. This material is delicate but usually blends well with the skin. French lace is thicker and is usually used by people who wear wigs for the first time. Some wig masters integrate Swiss lace and French lace around the hairline, and incorporate French lace into the rest of the wig, thereby achieving a compromise between detectability and durability. Hair type is another feature of lace wigs. A high-quality full-lace wig is usually made of human hair, creating a unit that is natural to the eyes and touch. Lace wigs can also be made of artificial hair; however, it does not always look so natural, and there are fewer styling options. Synthetic hair is indeed more economical than the human hair system. A complete lace wig can be in a "freestyle" form, or it can be a preset style to prevent multiple washings. The freestyle design allows the person wearing a wig to divide the hair into two parts and style it according to any form she chooses. The preset hairstyle usually has a more durable split style on the full lace wig. This part is usually located in the middle or side of the hair. This function usually depends on the wearer's requirements and personal preferences. Lace wigs usually use tape or liquid adhesives, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Water-based liquid adhesives are gentler on skin and wigs, but may lose their grip if affected by water and excessive sweat. Acrylic glue will provide a safer fixation, but it may cause an outbreak of sensitive skin. Some people who wear wigs completely give up the glue and choose double-sided tape to fill the lace wig.

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