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Best Ways to Attach and Apply for Clip-in Hair Extensions

Best Ways to Attach and Apply for Clip-in Hair Extensions


Several women apply clip-in hair extensions to put instant volume to lack-luster locks. But there is an art of wearing and blending the hair for natural, full touch. Before you start to wear your clip-on extension, you need to buy an extension that fits your style. If you’ve already purchased, then start to style the extensions in the technique that you usually wear your hair.

If you’ve natural curl you’d also curl your extension or purchase a curly clip-on extension. Likewise, if you normally apply your hair straight, then choose to straighten extensions. This’ll make sure that clip-on extensions blend in easily with your natural style. in other words, nobody will be able to tell that you’ve extension in.

Separate your hair into 2 sections

  • You must separate your hair into 2 sections running from 1 temple to the other, a below and a top section.

  • Use comb if you’ve thick hair or only your fingers

  • Take the upper section and secure it with a rubber band or hair clip so that it’s out of the way.

Now Attach Hair Extensions

1.  You’ll need to push the clip into your hair alongside the horizontal way of the part. The most vital thing to ensure that the extension clip is aligned perfectly and will fall where you need it.

2.  Take extra care not to have additional folds on top of the additional hair.

3.  You’d figure out for yourself where to apply bigger and small wefts, but here’s a general law that you have to follow, begin with a 3 clip weft at the back side of your scalp, right over the nape of the neck.

4.  Now going higher up, where your head is wide, install the big 4 clip weft.

5.  Apply 2 or 3 clip wefts on every side of the head, just over your ears.

6.  You can also wear around with placing small one-clip wefts tactically

7.   A thing to remember is not to go very high with the wefts because there would not be enough hair to cover them easily.

Continuing Applying Every Clip-In Extension

Follow the similar way as described in step 3 above.

1.  Now, move up your head, parting your own hair into a 1” section, adding the clip-in extensions as you go.

2.  Make sure that the wholesale human hair extensions are not going beyond the length of your natural hair.

3.  Having clip-ins longer than your own will make the extension visible.

Now Complete the Application

Now, all you’ve to do is un-clip the top section of your hair and allow it to cascade down.

That is all. All done!

You now have a fully new hairstyle look that you can commit to for just a day or sometimes weeks to come. Go out into the world and show off your gorgeous and glamorous locks!  Clip-in hair extension can provide an instant solution to changing your look with your hair. When buying a clip-in, you have made sure that it's top-quality (like the clip-in extensions available at Low-quality extensions might not produce the desired look or reaction you are looking for.

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